Our Services

Landscaping is one of our most proficient services. We specialize in commercial as well as residential landscaping and currently service homes, commercial properties and neighborhoods throughout Houston and its surrounding areas.
E.T.D offers a variety of Landscaping services such as mowing, planting, shrub care, disease pest control, flower beds, soil, sod and mulching to name a few.


Sprinkler Systems
Underground Irrigation systems are another one of our premiere services. Automatic Irrigation systems save money, time and provides your lawn with the necessary care that enables it to be green and full of life. E.T.D. provides each customer with a custom design best suited for there individual yard.
Key Benefits include:

  • Promotes water conservation.
  • Controlled Patterns for improved uniformity.
  • Controlled watering time schedules.
  • Reduces flooding and run-off.
  • Delivers constant outlet pressure.
  • Automatic shut-off in the event of rain.
  • Average of 30% savings on your water bill.
  • 1/3 precipitation rate of sprinklers adding up to significant water and energy savings.
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